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UFC fighter Andre winner with coach Nathan Leverton and team mate Paul Barton

“I was introduced to and guided through my MMA career by Nathan Leverton. I came to him a few years ago with very little knowledge about MMA and now I fight in the UFC. He is a genuine person who is putting his heart and time into helping me achieve my potential. For all those who wish to learn grappling or any from of MMA, whether it be a beginner or a professional fighter, then Nathan is the man to see. I have not come across better.Andre Winner UFC Fighter

Dan Hardy with Nathan Leverton and his UFC corner team

“Nathan Leverton has a deep understanding of submission wrestling and mixed martial arts. this along with his patience and natural teaching ability makes him a great coach. Leicester Shootfighters is a great place for people at any level, from beginner to professional fighter” . – Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy UFC Fighter

James Wilks with Leicester MMA Academy Head Coach Nathan Leverton

“Nathan is a highly technical and skilled submission wrestler. Added to this he is an excellent instructor with patience and natural teaching ability. He can train anyone at any level from novice to seasoned professional. Any time I come back to England I make sure to get as much time as possible with Nathan to learn the most up to date and effective moves.” James “Lightning” Wilks UFC Fighter, The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Winner

Awesome grappler, great coach, and genuine person, with an open mind to learning, not what it says in the book, but what works.” Paul “Semtex” Daley UFC Fighter, Cage Rage & FX3 Champion

Nathan is a great coach and very friendly guy! He knows his stuff and is constantly on the look out to further his knowledge which he is all to keen to share. I learnt a lot from him, and look forward to working with him again in the future.” “Slick” Nick Osipczak UFC Fighter, The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 UK Team Member

“Nathan’s a good friend and a fantastic coach – his team’s record this year should speak for itself! I always enjoy training with the Leicester Shoot guys and girls, and inevitably come away with some crucial pointers to tighten up and improve my game.” Rosi Sexton UFC Fighter, Cage Warriors Female World Champion

LtoR: Dan Hardy, Jim Wallhead, Nathan Leverton, Dean Amasinger, Andre Winner

“Nathan Leverton is not only a brilliant grappler with a great style, he is an amazing teacher that can adapt to his pupils attributes to teach a style that may be very different from his own but much more suitable.” Dean Amasinger The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 UK Team Member

Karsten Lenjoint with his British title“Nathan Leverton is the best coach I’ve worked with. His ability to break down the moves and explain them so you understand easier is amazing. Being a new member of Leicester Shootfighters I can see why the team does so well in Submission Wrestling and MMA. Nathan has been able to improved my skills already in the short time I’ve worked with him and the team, and I’m looking forward to keeping improving myself in the future. As an MMA coach he always comes up with an amazing game plan for any opponent, and his calm an positive attitude on fight night is perfect before, during and after the fight.” Karsten M Lenjoint Pro MMA Fighter, Clash of Warriors Featherweight British Champion

Nathan Leverton training Leicester Tigers Rugby Team

“I can’t say enough positive things about Nathan, the guy is a grappling genius, highly astute teacher and an all round good guy. Since starting at Leicester Shootfighters I have achieved many personal goals and have been able to develop a wrestling / grappling program at Leicester Tigers, all thanks to Nathan’s input. If you are looking to improve any aspect of your grappling, wrestling or mixed martial arts game, contact Nathan, it will be a wise investment. He has a pedigree that is hard to match.” Ollie Richardson
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Leicester Tigers, England Saxons, Team Rough House

“Nathan’s fanatical knowledge and intense research into all things MMA/Grappling makes his teaching interesting and easy to understand for all levels from beginner to pro. His open mindedness has helped me construct my own unique grappling style and gameplan that has helped me to be successful at a competitive level.” Liam Corrigan Multiple time National Grappling Champion, Fight UK Amateur MMA Champion

“Nathan Leverton is superb coach.  Nathan helped me prepare for the fighting hurts tournament and with only a few weeks training I reached the semi-finals, I attribute this success to the quality of Nathan’s teaching.  Nathan harbours a massive amount of knowledge, but not only that, his ability to apply that as a coach is second to none in my experience.  His coaching embraces many dimensions of development for fighters such as the solid fundamentals of MMA/Grappling, psychological aspects of fighting, skill acquisition, understanding of bodymechanics/biomechanics and progressively advanced skills and techniques that can turn a good fighter into a great fighter. Due to his wealth of experience you will never stop learning when training with him.  I have found Leicester Shoot Fighters to be a friendly yet well disciplined environment where respect is paramount and whether your a beginner or elite fighter you will develop physically and mentally whilst enjoying the training.” JD Hylton ISKA European MMA Champion, ABA Midlands Boxing Champion

“Nathan Leverton is simply the best Grappling/MMA coach out there. His style encompasses an extensive knowledge of the fundamental and high percentage techniques of the sport, an adaptability (which means he is constantly assessing and inventing new techniques and applying them to his game), and a patient, encouraging and motivating nature which enables him to take anyone of any level, beginner or professional fighter, and make them 100 times better. The impact Nathan has had in British martial arts is truly inspiring, and I attribute my love of grappling and any success I may hope to have to him and his guidance. ” Caz Tweedy NoGi British Champion

“For me the primary function of a ‘good’ coach is the ability to take something complicated and to simplify it so that anyone can understand it. Nathan Leverton is a ‘Great’ Coach and took what I thought were the most basic skills of submission grappling and broke them down even further. This is exactly the sort of coaching that any intelligent competitor should be looking for!” Kevin Derrington Head Coach at Pure Grappling Gym