Leicester Shootfighters Student of the Month April 2015: Emma

Leicester Shootfighters Student of the Month April 2015: Emma If you want to know why Emma is the April Student of the Month then look no further than her recent article Becoming Brave: https://ladiesfinishingschool.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/becoming-brave/ This very well written piece is an inspiring read and hearing stories like this makes what we do worthwhile. I don't think Emma said more than a couple of words to me in her first few weeks at the academy, in the near future I can see her putting me in my place if she thinks I'm wrong about something. The change has been dramatic. In recognition of her commitment to training, personal progress made and bravery in sharing her journey we are very proud to make Emma our April 2015 Student of the Month. #Leicester #LeicesterMMA #LeicesterBJJ #LSF #Boxing #Kickboxing #BJJ #MMA #MartialArts #JiuJitsu

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