Leicester NoGi Invitational Results


Date: Saturday 23rd May, 2015

Women -70kg
1st Jennifer Jordan (SKJ)
2nd Sophie Spriggs (SKJ)
3rd Danielle Hutton (360 MMA)

Women +70kg
1st Marlies Havenga (Leicester Shootfighters)
2nd Gayle Carlton (SKJ)

Men -65kg
1st Daryl Small (10th Planet Birmingham)
2nd Nayan Patel (Leicester Shootfighters)
3rd Nick Mitchell (MDMA Hull)

Men -70kg
1st Wojciech Granoszewski (MDMA Hull)
2nd Peter Lynch (Leicester Shootfighters)
3rd Eugene Moran (Leicester Shootfighters)

Men -77kg Novice
1st CainThomas (10th Planet Nottingham)
2nd Stuart Smith (Function First)
3rd Curtis Perry (10th Planet Nottingham)

Men -77kg Advanced
1st Courtney Rawle (Leicester Shootfighters)
2nd Stewart Glenc (Stealth BJJ)
3rd Tier Blundell (Leicester Shootfighters)

Men -84kg Novice
1st Xavier Cranwell (Leicester Shootfighters)
2nd Joe Brant (Leicester Shootfighters)
3rd Joe Crowther (Stealth BJJ)

Men -84kg Advanced
1st Jim Burman (10th Planet Birmingham)
2nd Jake C (Leicester Shootfighters)
3rd Michael Davis (MDMA Hull)

Men -93kg
1st Brenton Hardware (Team Renegade)
2nd Andrew Draper (Kettering Shootfighters)
3rd Scott Ramsey (Kettering Shootfighters)

Men +93kg
1st Mandip Baria (Leicester Shootfighters)
2nd Jean Loui Wesley (MMA Crew)
3rd Sebastian Spodzieja (Leicester Shootfighters)

Submission of the Day: Rhys Samuel-Billy (10th Planet Nottingham)

Competitor of the Day: Sarah Roberts (Leicester Shootfighters)