Leicester Shootfighters Student of the Month March 2015: Marlies

Leicester Shootfighters Student of the Month March 2015: Marlies Every month Marlies seems to up her dedication to training. More mat time, more questions, more events attended, more effort put in to the classes. Coaches and training partners alike have commented on her strong work ethic. Combining hard work with an analytical approach she is also one of the few students to approach coaches with a notebook in hand. This always makes me smile as my office has boxes full of my own handwritten notes on martial arts. I look forward to many more challenging questions, lists and diagrams from her. The more our members get involved with the gym the more we are able to do and Marlies has shown a lot of support for us and investment in her progress by attending events, courses and extra sessions we have organised. In recognition of her attitude to training, progress made and commitment to the gym we are very proud to make Marlies our March 2015 Student of the Month. #Leicester #LeicesterMMA #LeicesterBJJ #LSF #Boxing #Kickboxing #BJJ #MMA #MartialArts #JiuJitsu

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