Leicester Judo Seminar with Wayne Lakin


On March 1st former British & Commonwealth Judo Champion Wayne Lakin returned to Leicester MMA Academy to teach a seminar titled ‘The Missing Link – Mastering the Standing to Ground Transition for Judo and BJJ

Coach Lakin taught a 3 hour gi seminar covering a range of subjects including Judo warm up drills, how to be an “uke” (person “receiving” a technique) and judo variations of ground techniques.

The main focus of this seminar was looking at the transition between tachi-waza (standing techniques) and ne-waza (ground techniques). A window of opportunity often neglected in BJJ, capitalising on this moment is a speciality of Wayne and other students of Judo World Champion Neil Adams.

This seminar is presented by Leicester Shootfighters and the Fox Gloves books project.