First Leverage Submission Grappling Grades Awarded at Leicester MMA Academy – May 2012

2012 saw the launch of our much anticipated Leverage Submission Grappling system developed by Coach Nathan Leverton.

In May we awarded the first stripes (steps towards the each grade) to students of Leicester MMA Academy. Every student who earned their stripes did so through their dedication to training and technical development.

Congratulations to all those that received recognition of their progress and hard work….

LeverageSG White 4 Stripes: Iwan Baxter, Jake Constantinou, Jamie Molyneaux, Liam Corrigan, Ranjeet Baria.

LeverageSG White 3 Stripes: Ben Harrison, Courtney Rawle, JD Hylton, Joel Reed.

LeverageSG White 2 Stripes: Iain Ward, James Norcliffe, Karl Green, Louisa Edwards, Paremveer Bassi, Tim Wurr.

LeverageSG White 1 Stripe: Kieron Kiffin, Luke Welford, Mark Crofts, Rici Pidduck.

Coming soon in 2012 from Leverage Submission Grappling:

  • LSG Fundamentals Seminars 03 to 06 to complete the program.
  • Repeat of LSG Fundamentals Seminars 01 to 03.
  • LSG Grading Day.

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