Leicester Shootfighters 2011 Year in Review

Our second full year based at Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy saw the team grow and become stronger. It was a bumper year for us and it’s hard to pick out the highlights but let’s take a look at a few…


One the most exciting things about having a group of people together at the gym is the power to do good, not only in helping each other achieve our personal goals but harnessing the strength of numbers to help those less fortunate.

Movember Charity Leicester Shootfighters Team 2011

We had three charity events this year. First was the ‘Grapple for LOROS’ day for a local hospice which combined a seminar by Nick Osipczak and a sponsored sparring session, following that was the Race For Life run and we ended the year with a Movember team that raised more than £2600! Special mention must go to Matt Steady who put in phenomenal effort raising over £1000.

This year Leicester Shootfighters raised a total of over £4300 for charity. We are so proud of everyone who made this possible and would like to thank all who got involved and donated.


2011 was our best year yet for seminars, hosting twelve throughout the year on a wide range of subjects. These included

  • Two grappling seminars with ADCC world submission grappling champion and UFC veteran Dean “The Bogeyman” Lister.
  • Two striking for MMA seminars with Paul “Semtex” Daley, the world’s most devastating striker in the welterweight division
  • Boxing’s John Tandy running a course to qualify as a cutman and hand wrapper.
  • Top 5 world ranked female MMA fighter Rosi Sexton women’s seminar.
  • UFC fighter Nick Osipczak‘s charity MMA seminar.
Paul Daley coaching at Leicester MMA Academy

It has been a huge boost to our development getting the chance to train with other world class coaches and we will continue to bring in the best instructors possible throughout 2012.


There was a strong focus on MMA competition this year for the team, especially at the amateur level.

Liam Corrigan and Team at Fight UK

Local MMA promotion Fight UK made the move in the city center which provided us with a great opportunity to showcase our fighters in our hometown resulting in 20 bouts for the Leicester Shootfighters Team on Fight UK shows in 2011! We lost a few close decisions but amassed 13 wins with an almost even number of TKO/KOs, submissions and decisions. In addition, we were awarded 2 Submission of the Night and 1 Fight of the Night bonus honours as well as the Fight UK Lightweight Amateur MMA Title.

Fighters representing LSF at Fight UK included Liam Corrigan, Ranjeet Baria, JD Hylton, Chris Miles, Jamie Molyneaux, Subaig Singh, Karsten Lenjoint, Mahmood Besherate, Dan Swan, Oprea Blaga Caius, Nayan Patel, Ed Pang and Courtney Rawle.

Birmingham’s K-Star Thaiboxing academy continued their regular interclub MMA tournaments and we had 5 fighters make successful debuts on their events too: Chris Hughes, Daniel Disarra, Jay Jones, Steve Hixon and Stuart Gore.

Several fighters had individual successes on events, most notably Jake Constantinou winning an ISKA title, Subaig‘s first round stoppage at Urban Knights and Mahmood‘s submission victory at Kayo MMA.

Most bittersweet was Karsten‘s near success in the trials for reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter 14, making it through rounds in New York and Vegas down to the last 32 from the over 4000 applicants then narrowly missing out on getting in the house when he lost the elimination phase fight during the Season Premiere episode.


With our focus on training, seminars and competition in MMA this year we didn’t get to as many grappling events as usual yet still managed to pick up a heap of medals at events such as Ground Control, GoToTheGround, UMA British Open and even as far afield as the BJJAT No-Gi Festival in Thailand.

Medal winners for Leicester Shootfighters included: Jake Constantinou, Nathan Matts, Kieron Kiffin, JD Hylton, Johnny, Guy Lewis, Liam Corrigan, LJ Adams and James Norcliffe.

We also ran two very successful club competitions in 2011 for our students to test themselves and put their training in to practice, the Spring Ground Fighting Club Competition in April and Summer Slam event in July.


We have an exciting new year ahead…

  • Release of documentary featuring Leicester Shootfighters.
  • New timetable with more boxing, MMA Striking and Submission Grappling classes.
  • New Wrestling class and introduction of BOLT Wrestling syllabus.
  • Launch of Leverage Submission Grappling syllabus and gradings.
  • More club competitions, starting with January Submission Grappling event.
  • Inter-club competitions.
  • Big name MMA and grappling seminars.
  • And much, much more…..

Classes start back Tuesday January 3rd, see you all there!

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