Four Leicester MMA Academy Fighters Compete in Amateur MMA Bouts

Four Leicester Shootfighters amateur MMA warriors headed over to the interclub tournament at K-Star Thaiboxing in Birmingham on December 10th 2011 for some winter beatdown fun.

Up first was Jay Jones in his debut. After a brief back and forth in the clinch Jay got the fight to the floor in mount position and rained down ground and pound for a quick referee stoppage win. In the second fight of the day was Steve Hixon went the distance but pummelled his opponent’s body throughout with punches, kicks and knees. Both their opponents retired after the first fight unwilling to continue.

Stuart Gore‘s first bout went the distance, most of which was spent getting tied up by his opponent and unable to work his game but in the 2nd fight he was able to let rip with vicious kicks in one of the most exciting matches of the day.

Daniel Disarra fought a very one-sided bout easily taking down his opponent and spending most of the time in mount position. Although a stoppage was imminent early on we encouraged Dan to instead work his submissions but was unable to finish within the time.

Well done to all the lads who fought and a big thanks to everyone who came along to support and help out.

Looking forward to seeing these LSF fighters and more from the next generation fighting in 2012!

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