Amazing Trip to ADCC 2011

Nathan Leverton with the legendary Rickson Gracie at ADCC 2011

The weekend of September 24th/25th saw many of the world’s best grapplers come to Nottingham for the prestigious 2011 ADCC World Submission Grappling Championships. A group of coaches and students from Leicester MMA Academy headed over to watch this amzing event and support our friends who competed.

ADCC 2011 Winners

Absolute Division
1st Andre Galvao
2nd Pablo Popovitch
3rd Xande Ribeiro

1st Vinny Magalhaes
2nd Fabricio Werdum
3rd Roberto Abreu

1st Dean Lister
2nd Joao Assis
3rd Xande Ribeiro

1st Andre Galvao
2nd Rousimar Palhares
3rd Pablo Popovitch

1st Marcelo Garcia
2nd Leo Viera
3rd Kron Gracie

1st Rafael Mendes
2nd Rubens Charles
3rd Jeff Glover

Women’s +60kg     
1st Gabi Garcia
2nd Hanette Staack
3rd Ida Hansson

Women’s -60kg    
1st Kyra Gracie
2nd Michele Nicolini
3rd Luana Alzugir

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