Kenny Johnson BOLT Wrestling Seminar

Date: Sunday 16th October 2011
Time: 12-3pm TBC
Location: Leicester MMA Academy
Price: £25 [£20 concession] BOOK ONLINE OR AT ACADEMY



This will be Kenny’s third trip to Leicester to teach our students his BOLT Wrestling system (he will heading here straight from working with Jose Aldo at his UFC fight) so many of you will already know what an amazing coach he is.

But, for those that would would like to know more…

Kenny Johnson began his combat sports career as a stand-out wrestler in high school. His wrestling abilities allowed him to continue competition into college where he became a NCAA Division 3 All-American at Cornell College where he won multiple championships. He caught the eye of the University of Iowa where he transferred to and competed on undefeated Big Ten and National Championship teams under legendary coach, Dan Gable.

Kenny’s passion for the sport kept him involved after college as he coached for the Northwestern University while training for the 1996 Olympics. In 1997, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where he was a member of the first U.S. Olympic Training Center resident program in freestyle wrestling. While attending, he was introduced to some of today’s elite mma fighters such as Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, and Matt Lindland.

Kenny’s strong wrestling base helped him make the transition into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition where he has already placed first in the Pan-Americans, Gi and No-Gi World Jiu Jitsu Championships in 2007-09. As an incredible grappler, he moved on to become a Mixed Martial Artist where he currently trains all aspects of the sport.

In addition to his professional MMA career, Kenny serves as the wrestling coach to MMA Champions BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Paul Daley and Minotauro Nogueira and was even invited to coach Nogueria’s team on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8.

Time and again wrestling has proven to be the deciding factor in international MMA and is an aspect of the game we get little exposure to in the UK. Whether you are looking to dominate in MMA or improve your takedowns and understanding of wrestling for Submission Grappling this is a seminar not to be missed!

£25 = Leicester MMA Acdemy members.
£20 = Leicester MMA Acdemy members who trained on Billy Robinson seminar (message for details).

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