Wrestling Legend Billy Robinson Seminar for Leicester Shootfighters

Billy Robinson with Nathan Leverton

More photos coming soon here…

On 16th September 2011 Leicester MMA Academy added to it’s list of legendary guest instructors with a superb session by wrestling legend Billy Robinson.

Mr Robinson is the last student of the infamous Snake Pit gym who still teaches the submission grappling style of Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling. In 1957 he was the British National Wrestling Champion and 1958 the European Open Wrestling Champion (defeating an Olympic bronze medallist in the final). He went on to wrestle all over the world for many years in pro wrestling and taught extensively in Japan where he was part of the development of the “hard style” of Pro Wrestling that led to modern Japanese MMA promotions such as Pancrase, Shooto and PrideFC. In 2003 he was inducted into the International Wrestling Hall of Fame.

In a 3 hour seminar for Leicester Shootfighters Billy covered fundamentals of CACC. Stance, the pivot, hand fighting, mare throw, neck cranks, double wrist lock, bottom position, the grovit and more were all taught in great detail. Not one to suffer fools gladly any loss of attention or incorrect technique was met with harsh words and sometimes a poke of the walking stick from Coach Robinson!

At the age of 72 and with many long term health problems Billy was still an active coach going around correcting technique and answering questions throughout the evening, never complaining and even staying on at the end to answer any additional questions.

The thing that struck us most was how deliberate every movement and position was from years and years of practice and Mr Robinson‘s command of leverage. He really knows the human body, both his and his opponents, and doesn’t bully anything on. We learnt subtle little details every time he came over to inspect our technique.

This was one of the most interesting and fun seminars I’ve ever been to and it was an honour to have Mr Robinson at Leicester MMA Academy.

A huge thank you to Billy, everyone who came along and those who made it possible, especially Andy Crittenden and Jake Shannon.

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