2011 Leicester MMA Academy Summer Slam Club Competition Results

Date: Sunday 24th July, 2011
Location: Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Congratulations to all the medal winners and abig thank you to all the competitors, spectators and those that helped out to make the day such a success.

Lightweight (-65kg & -70kg combined)

1st Jamie ‘Daywalker’ Molyneaux
2nd Myles Ewen
3rd Nayan Patel
4th Tim Grayson

Welterweight (-77kg)

1st Ranjeet Baria
2nd Liam Corrigan
3rd Luke Welford
4th Vishal Gohil

Middleweight (-84kg)

1st Courtney Rawle
2nd Nathan Matts
3rd Stuart Gore
4th Iain Ward

Heavyweight (-93kg & +93kg combined)

1st Josh Palmer
2nd JD Hylton
3rd Iwan Baxter
4th Mandip Baria

Competitor of the Day = Ranjeet Baria
Submission of the Day = Tim Grayson (wristlock)


24 Competitors
29 Fights
8 Points Wins
21 Submissions

  • x5 Armbars
  • x4 RNCs
  • x4 Triangles
  • x2 Side Chokes
  • x2 Vice Grip/Japanese Necktie
  • x1 Keylock
  • x1 Guillotine
  • x1 Kneebar
  • x1 Wristlock

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