“Daily discipline compounded over time” BOLT Wrestling Seminar with Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson Seminar - Photo by Gen

Photo Gallery by Gen

On his return trip in July Coach Johnson managed to break his previous record of overrunning by 2 hours! All the better for us I say! Leicester MMA Academy students were treated to over 5 1/2 hours training with the world’s most sought after MMA wrestling coach and would’ve stayed on the mat for as long as our bodies would hold out.

The class were taken through a review of basics in stance, motion and level change before an extensive section covering takedown defence, the front headlock and go behinds. Back on the feet the crash mats were brought out for training the blast double leg from the outside and double from over/under clinch. The day’s training ended with a variety of single leg finishes and a Q&A.

Throughout training the attacking attitude of his wrestling style and discipline needed in training to achieve excellence were repeated again and again with the phrase “simple daily discipline compounded over time” summing up his philosophy well.

We are very lucky to have the opportunity to train with Coach Johnson and look forward to his return trip.

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