Leicester MMA Academy 2011 Ground Fighting Club Competition Results

We are so proud of the team today! A fantastic turn out of almost 50 competitors and some great matches. Congratulations to everyone who fought and huge thank you to all those who helped out and came to support. Thanks again to everyone who made this such a great event.

1st Aiden “Pob” Hayes
2nd Andrew Bailey
3rd Tim “Oscar” Grayson

1st Jamie “Daywalker” Molyneaux
2nd Shivan Mehta
3rd Mahmood Besharate

1st Liam “Bermuda” Corrigan
2nd Ranjeet “Suave” Baria
3rd Matt Steady

1st Guy Lewis
2nd Ant Ahern
3rd Stuart Gore

1st JD Hylton
2nd Dan Disarra
3rd Mandip Baria

1st Mark Dry
2nd Chris Miles
3rd Dan Smith

Women’s Openweight
1st LJ “Xena” Adams
2nd Caz “Ghost Owl” Tweedy
3rd Marianne Bowler

Submission of the Day: Andrew Bailey (mounted triangle)
Competitor of the Day: Dan Disarra

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