Chasing Ghosts with Wrestler Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson - Photo by Gen

Photo Gallery by Gen

The world’s most sought after MMA wrestling coach visited Leicester MMA Academy this month for what turned in to a marathon 5 hour clinic on wrestling fundamentals.

In high demand within the MMA world,  Kenny Johnson has trained an incredible array of top fighters including BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Rodrigo Noguiera, Lyoto Machida, Shogun, Andre Galvao and Jacare. To have him visit our academy was a huge honour.

Coach Johnson has a great energy when teaching and his love of wrestling was evident throughout the day. He enthusiastically led the group through a condensed programme of wrestling basics including the staggered stance, sprawls, down blocking, tie ups, set ups, front headlock series, snatch single, high crotch and double legs. Every technique was taught in great detail accompanied by training tips, stories, advice on application in jiu-jitsu and a strong emphasis on attitude and a “shock & awe” style of wrestling

The session wound up with a Q&A dominated by fantastic stories of training under Dan Gable and the awe inspiring work put in “chasing the ghost” of his achievements and expectations.

Thank you to Coach Johnson for coming to Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy and also to Paul “Semtex” Daley for to the introduction.

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