Epic Seminar by Ryan Hall at Leicester MMA Academy


On Sunday 6th February BJJ Black Belt Ryan Hall taught what turned out to be an epic and fascinating seminar at Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

Starting at 1pm Ryan kept teaching without a break until almost everyone had left, running way over the scheduled finish time much to the delight of those who were able to stay. 7 hours later Ryan was still there freely sharing his knowledge during private sessions!

The main bulk of techniques shown were from the Deep Half Guard, a position that is becoming more and more popular in modern competitive grappling. However, these moves were interspersed with detailed talks on many aspects of grappling and martial arts and it was these sections  that had many of us furiously scribbling in notebooks.

We are very grateful to have had an experience like this at the gym and look forward to working hard on what we learnt.

Huge thank you to Ryan for his time and expertise.

Also thank you to Jen Flannery of 50/50 BJJ and Jason Tan of Liverpool MMA for helping make this event happen.

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