Leicester MMA Academy 2010 Awards

Leicester Shootfighter of the Year 2010:

Ranjeet Baria

Ranj was the student nominated in the most categories this year. This award is in part down to his success in MMA and grappling but more than that it is for his growth as a person and his contribution to the gym. Coming back from a tough loss early in year he made inspiring gains in mental strength and maturity which showed in his win over Paul Jones in November at Fight UK. Back in the gym many people have benefited from him being a helpful and giving training partner as well as his taking the first steps in to coaching. It is an honour to have him as our “Leicester Shootfighter of the Year 2010”.

Grappling Competitor of the Year 2010:

Liam Corrigan

For the 2nd year running there simply wasn’t anyone who came close to Liam. Dominating grappling performances included Ground Control Nationals and U.M.A. Championships advanced divisions champion (including wins over another BJJ brown belt and an Olympic wrestler), LSF club champion (including wins over tough opposition such as Andre Winner), MMA wins by first round submission at WTKA and Clash of Warriors events.

MMA Competitor of the Year 2010:

Kieren Lewin

Last year Kieren was picked out for an honourable mention as a student making serious progress under the radar by buckling down and working hard out of the limelight. This year that hard training showed through with a solid performance at the WTKA event in January (beating contenders for some of the other awards mentioned here along the way) and two MMA wins on Fight UK shows, both against more experienced competitors. His dedication in training and ever improving performances in competition made him a runaway winner in this category.

Most Improved Student 2010:

LJ Adams

LJ has practically lived on the mats this past 12 months, often being the first to arrive to training and the last to leave. This drive has taken her from beginner to serious competitor is just one year training. Along the way she has picked up several grappling wins, two Ground Control silver medals and a victory in MMA over kickboxing champion and pro MMA veteran Helena Martin.

LSF Honourable Mentions:

Daniel Swan – Dan has really started to come in to his own this year winning a hard earned gold medal at the Ground Control Nationals and going 2-0 in MMA, which included an impressive show of heart in coming back to gain a submission victory after a very hard first round against Ash Bray. Throughout the year he has also impressed us with his positive attitude and willingness to give time to others.

Matt and Abi Steady – It’s easy to make excuses not to make training, but not for this couple. Despite full time jobs, kids, teaching, charity events, competing around the world in other disciplines, playing gigs and the 100 other things they seem to fit in to the same 24 hours we all have they still manage to be two of the hardest working people on the mats! For this, the improvements they’ve made in their games and that they always manage to make it to shows to support the team even when not competing themselves we salute you!

Nathan Matts & Phil Murray – Two of the nicest guys on the mat whose passion for grappling leads them to ask some of the most intelligent questions about what we are teaching. A pleasure to have people like this on the classes.

Gen D – Where to start!? Personally, if it wasn’t for her support I wouldn’t have opened the gym and so these awards wouldn’t even exist! Gen has been there every step of the way working behind the scenes from being my sounding board for new ideas to painting walls in the freezing cold. Not only that but she has brought to the gym her considerable photographic talents giving us a record of what has been an amazing year and changing the public face of the gym through her work gracing the website, flyers, magazines and more. For being the person who is always there for me and the countless hours spent behind the lens and in front of the computer screen we all thank you!

– Nathan

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