New Timetable at Leicester MMA Academy from August 2010

Following our summer break (August 1st to August 15th) we’ll be returning with a new timetable on Monday August 16th.


Submission Wrestling (No-Gi BJJ)
Submission Wrestling is the grappling aspect of MMA and an excellent sport in it’s own right. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) as its base art, this style also includes the most effective techniques from other systems such as Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo and Sambo making it the ultimate in practical grappling. A wide range of skills including takedowns, pins, escapes and submission holds are covered in classes that cater for all levels. Extensive training in Submission Wrestling is a must for anyone wishing to compete in MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Mixed Martial Arts, as popularised by The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has revolutionised the martial arts world. Sometimes called “Cage Fighting”, this dynamic training and competition format combines the best of a variety of fighting arts. Competitors in this sport require a varied mix of martial arts skills and the techniques and strategies from striking arts such as Boxing and Muay Thai are blended with grappling arts such as Submission Wrestling to create the pinnacle of combat sports.


[from Monday August 16th, 2010]

6:30-7:30pm – Submission Wrestling Technique
7:30-8:30pm – Submission Wrestling Advanced

6:30-7:30pm – MMA Technique
7:30-8:30pm – MMA Advanced

6:30-7:30pm – Submission Wrestling Technique
7:30-8:30pm – Submission Wrestling Advanced

6:30-7:30pm – MMA Striking Technique
7:30-8:30pm – MMA Fitness Class

6.30-7:30pm – Submission Wrestling
7:30-8:00pm – Open Mat

11:00am-12:00pm – MMA Technique
12:00pm-1:00pm – Submission Wrestling Technique

Breakdown of Classes

“MMA Fitness” – MMA cardio rounds, strength & conditioning circuits, pad drills, core work, stretching etc.

“Technique” Classes = Detailed instruction in techniques of Submission Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts with a focus on high percentage fundamentals. These cater for those interested in learning the arts, brushing up on correct form or laying a solid foundation for sparring. Also includes some fitness training and drilling. All levels welcome.

“Advanced” Classes = For those interested in sparring and competition these classes feature live drilling and free sparring as well as coaching in technique and tactics. Intermediate to advanced students only. Students on these classes must have a basic skill set of appropriate techniques, especially for the MMA Advanced session. Ask permission from a coach before attending your first advanced class.

For more information check out our timetable page.

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