UFC Fighter James Wilks MMA Grappling Seminar at Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy


On Sunday July 18th James “Lightning” Wilks, winner of The Ultimate Fighter 9: United States vs. United Kingdom in the welterweight division, dropped by Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy to teach an MMA seminar.

Originally from Leicestershire, James is the head coach at Lightning MMA in Orange County California and has an extensive martial arts background including instructor qualifications under Erik Paulson and Paul Vunak and black belts in Kickboxing and TaeKwonDo. He is also a BJJ brown belt and known for his strong submission game, especially his leglocks.

The day’s training focused on grappling for MMA. Subjects covered included entry to the Muay Thai clinch plus 3 counters to the position and 3 attack sequences, entry to over/under clinch and 3 moves from there, 3 entries to the heelhook submission and details on a variety of leglocks.

Huge thanks to James for sharing his knowledge on what was an interesting, informative (and painful!) session.

Highlight Video:

James Wilks with Leicester MMA Academy Head Coach Nathan Leverton

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