Marcelo Brigadeiro Luta Livre Black Belt Seminar at Leicester MMA Academy

Marcelo Brigadeiro Luta Livre Seminar
Date: Sunday 12th September, 2010
Time: 12pm-4pm
Location: Leicester MMA Academy
Price: Only £25


Marcelo Brigadeiro is a Black Belt in Luta Livre (Brazilian Submission Wrestling) under Marcio Cromado from RFT Team in Brazil.

Many times champion of the best submission-wrestling tournaments, he is the only fighter who has won three times the Brazilian National Championship of Submission and seven times the Rio de Janeiro State Championship of Submission. Known for his amazing submission techniques on the ground, Brigadeiro began training Luta Livre in 1995, and teaching since 2000. He has been teaching and fighting in countries including Brazil, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Austria for the last 9 years. Marcelo is currently the Luta Livre Coach of Team Kaobon (UK) and RFT (Brazil).

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