Leicester Shootfighters Take Team Trophy at 2010 U.M.A. Open No Gi Groundfighting Championships

Leicester Shootfighters Team. Photos by Gen

On Saturday 1st May Leicester Shootfighters walked away with a hard earned team trophy at the U.M.A. 2010 Open No Gi Groundfighting Championships, finishing the event with 11 medals and 85 points (more than twice that of the second place team!).

Congratulations to our team for putting on a blinding performance and all the support who helped to make it happen.

Andre Hayes won the -65kg gold in his first advanced division, controlling all his opponents with his superior wrestling.

Liam “Bermuda” Corrigan won gold in the -75kg advanced, triangling his way to the final where he beat respected Gracie Barra BJJ brown belt Rob Stevens by decision.

JD Hylton, also in his advanced debut, won gold by smashing his way to the final with his powerful chokes.

Caz Tweedy and LJ Adams took gold and silver in the women’s combined u95kg, Caz submitting both her opponents quickly despite being under 60kg.

Satyan defeated twin brother Shivan in the final of the novice -65kg which made for an all Mehta family top 2 spots.

Chris Hughes put in a great performance taking silver in the +95kg novice in his first comp.

Jacob Constantinou took bronze in his first advanced division at 85kg behind two veterans of the UK grappling scene.

Jamie “Daywalker” Molyneaux and Daniel Swan took joint bronze in the advanced -65kg with solid showings.

Michael Panebianco, Chris White, Ed Pang, Karsten Lenjoint, Andrew Bailey, Matt Steady and Nathan Matts also competed, racking up a lot of wins between them despite an official trying to screw us all day!

We are so proud of the team, you were awesome today against some very good competition.


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