LSF 2009 Awards

* apologies for low audio quality *

Leicester Shootfighter of the Year: Jim Wallhead

For his contribution to the club as a coach, being an indispensable training partner/warm up man/corner man to his teammates, his continuing winning streak in the cage and his growth as a martial artist this year.

Most Improved Student: Jamie “Daywalker” Molyneaux

“Daywalker” has evolved from just another kid at the gym to an absolute terror on mat (and the unofficial team mascot!). He’s been dominating bigger, stronger and more experienced grapplers and had some fantastic performances in competition. He’s been an inspiration to many at the gym and short ginger people worldwide.

Best Grappling Competitor: Liam “Bermuda” Corrigan

Liam has had a breathtaking year. 10 competitions and over 20 wins with numerous gold medals coming his way including the advanced division titles at Ground Control, GrappleMania and UMA. Against more experienced opposition he’s still managed to win most of his fights by submission. Inspirational.

Best MMA Competitor: Jacob Constantinou

With only a year and half training, Jacob proved his worth in competition with gold and silver in successive amateur MMA tournaments and a 2-0 record in single bouts. Hungry to compete and always looking to improve he’s quickly become one to watch in the squad.

Honourable Mentions:

JD Hylton – for his infectious positive attitude, superb results in competition and huge contribution to the club giving up time and expertise to help his team mates.

Kieren Lewin – for training hard and making constant progress under the radar due to his modest and no trouble attitude then putting in two excellent competition performances to round out the year.

Caz “Ghost Owl” Tweedy – for her contribution to the club helping out new students, support of the team, obsessive drive to improve and inspiring performance in competition under stressful circumstances.

Andre Winner – for an exceptional run of finishes on The Ultimate Fighter 9 TV show and being robbed of “KO of the Night” at UFC 105.

2 thoughts on “LSF 2009 Awards

  1. Hey there leicester shoot,

    I had a comment from one of you about a photo of Ranjeet on my blog

    It was from grapple mania 2.0 and there are probably more of him beating me… at

    Dont know Levo personally but we all used to train under Phil Wright and are now Factory BJJ in stockport.

    Anyway its nice to see a club doing so well in the UFC and at the comps and it sounds like you had a good year on top of that (in relation to the topic) so keep it up.


  2. Well, I am not rolling due to long term injuries, but hearing about your club and the atmosphere that is fostered makes me want to get back at it!

    I remember when LSF were starting out way back when, (I am i Nottingham) and I think it is impressive and an amazing achievement by Nathan.

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