Leicester Shootfighters Trained Fighters Go 3-0 at UFC 105

The Rough House / Leicester Shootfighters gang backstage after UFC 105

Wow, what a night UFC 105 was.

Andre Winner defeats Rolando Delgado by KO – Round 1, 3:22
Nick Osipczak defeats Matt Riddle by TKO – Round 3, 3:53
Dan Hardy defeats Mike Swick by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Nick’s Fight on UFC Website
Andre’s Fight on UFC Website

Leicester Shootfighters/Team Rough House are on such an unstoppable roll right now. As someone put it last week: “It’s like you’ve forgotten how to lose”.

So happy for Dre, a KO like that has been a long time coming for him! We all knew what punch would finish it and Dre let it go perfectly. The more he fights to his potential the more people see how truly scary his skills are. He was robbed of KO of the night!

What can I say about Nick? He rode out the best Riddle had and showed he was far better on the feet and the ground. Never underestimate him. The more confident he gets in his stand up the worse night his opponent’s will have. He dug deep and put in a performance which was amazing.

And Dan. Well, there’s only three letters that matter now: G.S.P.

Some of the team before UFC 105: (LtoR) Dean Amasinger, Andre Winner, Nathan Leverton, Nick Osipczak, Paul Barton, Jim Wallhead, Emerson

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